Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Smoothies all around

I am NOT a breakfast person. I just cant stomach it...and did I mention that I am also NOT a morning person? ....which means it takes great discipline and consistency to function and be up early which is essential to managing a large family such as ours. Since I cant eat much I have found that blending up a smoothie is the perfect solution for me,and the children enjoy it too. There are Soo many recipes out there for yummy smoothies and I tend to use what I have on hand!
I've just started experimenting with more "GREEN" recipes too, which i'm not fussy about but they are tolerable. surprisingly the children don't mind the green ones and our 6 year old Elijah even said the Kale in it was "Delicious!" guess ill keep up with the green ones, as they do provide nutrients and IRON which I so desperately need...especially since being pregnant my iron stores are always low.
I am enjoying finding different ingredients to add to sweeten or just for variety. often I have some veggies on hand I throw in, sometimes I even add in protein powder, or Coconut oil, and my fave to add is my Greens+ powder, and even maple syrup is a nice touch to a fruit smoothie. Its also nice that a big full blender yields a lot of servings which feeds our large brood. Our children often race to the kitchen the minute they hear the loud "Vroom" of my blender!