Friday, January 16, 2015

6 months

I still can't believe our baby girl is 6 months old! Where has the time gone? 

She has been such a content and happy little one and has a predictable routine . She just loves her siblings and gets so excited every morning to wake up to them . 

They all take turns holding her and play with her and even some read baby books to her . 

There's something so magical about having a baby in the house ...even after having so many the excitement never wears off and each baby brings so much joy to the family. 

Makes me so proud to see how the children embrace each baby and bond with the new baby in their own special way and as a Mother it's quite beautiful to watch each and every milestone met and the delight of the family over the baby. 

"Neveah Starr" is very bright and catches on quickly and seems to be understanding so much already. She knows her name and turns towards whoever calls it. She has great upper body strength and practices "push ups" and gets on all fours rocking back and forth. She is soo close to fully crawling and she can roll anywhere she wants to go. She loves loud music. She likes to be swaddled still and sleeps soundly in her cradleboard .

She is curious and keeps us on our toes. At the same time she loves her daddy so much and when he comes home from work she screeches at him and flaps her arms in excitement and she just loves to be held and cuddled by him and enjoys a long nap in his arms . 

She is absolutely adored by everyone and we can't imagine our lives without her in it. I am amazed how blessed we are to have another baby and I am careful to savor every moment with her and my heart is full. 

Neveah Starr we love you and can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring! I'm excited for spring time stroller walks, to let you have your first experience touching grass and to show you off some more because anyone who meets you is blessed by the huge grins and smiles you give them. Especially children. You love children ...maybe because you are always surrounded by lots of siblings and a busy home . Fun times ahead .